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Y2X Urinary Tract Health

Kidney stones, gallstones, and other urinary system diseases are high-risk diseases in recent years. For stone related diseases, the most common...

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Y2X Prostate Formulation

One of the leading health issues for adult men is prostate health. As men age, prostate problems may increase, so men of all ages to take prostate...

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NEW RELEASE: Y2X Product Line!

  After years of research and clinical tests, the Y2X product line is the first natural herbal medicine line licensed by Health Canada for the pre...

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Morel Stuffed Shrimp Balls

Ingredients: 10 pieces Jumbo morel 50g lettuce One egg 50g minced ginger 200g fresh shrimp 10g green onion 1 tablespoon cooking wine 1 tablespoon S...

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