The health benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) is a tree native to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. In folk medicine, Tongkat Ali is used to treating malaria, high blood pressure, fever, fatigue, impotence, and other diseases. The efficacy and important role of Tongkat Ali are confirmed by both folk medicine and modern scientific research.

Promote male sexual health

Tongkat Alis is a potent herbal medicine that has been used for centuries to treat age-related male diseases. It is known that the amount of testosterone and other male androgens in the human body decrease as the age increase, which may lead to “male menopause”. The symptoms are mainly characterized by insufficient energy, decreased sexual desire, increased body fat and mental sleepiness. Many studies have shown that Tongkat Ali can stimulate the increase of testosterone, thereby increasing sexual desire, promoting sperm motility and semen quality. In addition, the hormone support provided by Tongkat Ali can also improve normal sperm quality and improve male fertility. In 2012, there are 76 men participate in research, at the beginning of the study, only 35% of the participant had normal testosterone levels. After one month of taking Tongkat Ali supplements, 90% of the participant had normal testosterone levels. The study also shows that Tongkat Ali not only increases sexual desire but also improve male fertility.

Promote female sexual health

The main benefits of Tongkat Ali for women come from the ability to balance hormones and treat common symptoms caused by hormone imbalances such as low libido, brain fog, fatigue, and slow metabolism. Hormones play an important role in metabolism, Tongkat Ali can help the human body maintain normal metabolism by balancing hormone levels, at the same time, preventing age-related weight gain.  For women, the most physical weakness and fatigue are caused by the disordered hormone level in the body. As a natural booster, Tongkat Ali also helps regulate hormone levels in the body. Another side effect of low hormone level is the risk of osteoporosis will be increased, which is more common among women. As long as the body’s magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D levels are normal, Tongkat Ali can improve the level of serum testosterone, which helps improve and maintain bones.



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