NEW RELEASE: Y2X Product Line!


After years of research and clinical tests, the Y2X product line is the first natural herbal medicine line licensed by Health Canada for the prevention and treatment of male health. The Y2X product line includes 3 products: Y2X Tongkat Ali Ultra Formulation, Y2X Prostate Formulation, Y2X Urinary Tract Health. Now, there are no drugs on the western medicine market that can fundamentally cure the decrease of the male hormone, prostate disease, kidney stones, bladder stones, and related male disease. The most common ways for treating some of the above diseases are injecting hormonal drugs, antibacterial or anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain or symptoms. North America Health combined the “Conditioning” of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the “Curative effect” of modern medicine, using the highest quality herbs to alleviate the symptoms while regulating the whole body to a healthy condition, in which the disease can be treated. Each of the formulations has gone through TCM clinical trials that prove the efficacy of the products.


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