The differences between Pure Natural Wild Rice and Commercial Cultivated Wild Rice

  1. Category: Pure natural wild rice is not “rice”, it is a kind of ice lake grass seed. The commercial cultivated wild rice grown in the same way as ordinary rice, it is very similar to white rice or brown rice.
  2. Color and Length:  The length and color of pure natural growth wild rice are different from the commercial cultivated ones. The real wild rice can be black, dark brown, brown, yellow brown and so on, the commercially grown wild rice is uniform in length and color, and it is usually shorter than the real wild rice.
  3. Taste: Pure natural wild rice usually has a nutty aroma, and it is very chewy. While the taste and aroma of commercial cultivated wild rice are more like ordinary white rice.
  4. Growing environment: Pure natural wild rice grows in clear and cold ice lake without pesticide, fertilization, far away from cities and industrial areas. In order to protect the environment, Canadian government forbid to use any pesticide, fertilizer or herbicide in the area where wild rice grown. Commercial cultivated wild rice is mostly grown in lakes close to urban areas or industrial areas where air and water pollution always happen. In most cases, fertilization and pesticides are required for cultivated wild rice.
  5. Harvesting method: Pure natural wild rice is harvested by traditional harvesting method. In order to preserve the integrity of wild rice, most works for harvesting wild rice should be done by hands. Commercial cultivated wild rice is harvested by uniform machine and undergoes some subsequent processing, which not only damages the shape of the wild rice, but also damages some nutrients.
  6. Nutrition fact:  Pure natural wild rice sprouts in the lake mud rich in “humic acid” and “furan acid” under the cold ice lake. In spring, the seeds slowly grow out from the lake surface. In summer, they enjoy the sunshine, absorb the essence of sun and moon, and then in fall, the fruit can be harvested. Therefore, the natural wild rice has a long growth cycle and has experienced the whole seasons, which also help them to extract the essence of the world and accumulate more nutrients. Commercially cultivated wild rice has a short growth cycle and the mud is not as rich as the black mud from ice lake, which cannot provide sufficient nutrients for the growth of wild rice.


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