The Y2X Natural Products philosophy is rooted in combining tradition and technology. We believe in the power of natural and traditional medicines, but that they should be backed by scientific research. With our extensive experience and unparalleled approach to traditional medicines, our products are unlike any other supplement or herbal found in today’s market.


Traditional medicines such as the ones found in Asia have been used for thousands of years. We believe in the power of these natural ingredients and see them as ‘super supplements’ to a natural, healthy life.


All of our products are backed with scientific research and government licensing. These methods, alongside working with doctors and practitioners, validate the efficacy of the herbs and dosages in our products. All of our products go through extensive research, tests, board approvals, and licensing, so that consumers receive the best natural medicine for their needs.


We stand behind our products in quality, safety, and efficacy. Our practice in providing science-backed traditional medicines is over 10 years strong, and we believe that our forward-thinking products are the way of the future.


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