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West Coast Wild Foods began in the mountains and forests of British Columbia, Canada. It was built on a love for the wild, a respect for nature, and a dream for sustainability. What started as two teenaged wild mushroom harvesters has now become a premier wild mushroom company, and we’re excited to introduce our wild dream to you.


We grew up exploring and learning about all the wild foods that our beautiful British Columbia had to offer. We started off focusing on morels, the most famous mushroom in the world, and we searched the country to find these delicious treasures. After many years of learning about morels, we designed an all-natural, emissions-free drying system that protected the quality of the mushrooms, something we’re proud to have discovered. Our direct sourcing, relationships with harvesters, and buying agents have also enabled us to offer the freshest variety of wild mushrooms in the world.


We’ve been in the wild food industry for over 20 years and our reputation for quality now spans across the globe. Now, we harvest all kinds of wild mushrooms and greens, and our hope is that you enjoy our growing Canadian line of truly incredible wild foods.

Stay Wild,

Austin Glenn and Jeremy Budd,



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