What's Chaga?

What’s Chaga?

Known to be one of the most powerful antioxidant in the world, chaga mushrooms are found on birch trees. It includes health advantages, and it’s both purifying and detoxifying. Chaga is found in the cold habitats of Russia, Korea, Northern Europe and Northern areas of the United States and Canada. Due to their rarity they’re not easy to find.

How You Can Use Chaga


  • Chaga mushroom tea – warm a small piece of chaga for 30 minutes and then drink the tea, you can reuse it for at least a month if you add a little water every day. Make sure the tea water is not at an extreme boil. 


  • Chaga mushroom drops – you can purchase chaga liquid online, you could add drops to your water to enjoy the healthy advantage of this fungi.


  • Chaga mushroom tablets – the chaga tablets are an easy way to ingest chaga.


  • Chaga mushroom powder – boil the powder and drink it, or pour it into your untouched bath water.  



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