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Ever heard of mushroom hunting? Well, if you enjoy the outdoors and exploring new aspects of nature, you should plan a new adventure hunting for America’s tastiest mushroom. Morel mushrooms are unlike any other, this tasty fungus is quite easy to identify and are more widespread than any other mushrooms.

Morels start blooming during the spring, which gives people a reason to get out and find their own to pick. It’s also a great way to enjoy the warmer weather after a long harsh winter. These mushrooms are valued greatly and can sell for up to around $20 a pound at grocery stores.

The following will outline a guide to find your own Morel mushrooms. It is important to note that although morels are easy to identify, you should be careful with what you find. If you have any doubt about a mushroom, don’t pick it.

Delicious, plentiful and obtains nutritional value, here is your guide to hunt for America’s favourite mushroom:


Identify if the Morel Mushroom is Safe or Not

If you come across a distinctive conical shape, those are usually not safe to pick. Avoid the half-free morel, which has a longer stem and a cap that attaches near the top, looking more like an umbrella. These hazardous mushrooms can cause cramps or other forms of gastrointestinal distress. A tip you could use, is to have a photo on hand of a safe morel mushroom to compare when you spot one to simply help you identify which ones to take.


Where to Look for Morel Mushrooms

Morels grow in and on the edge of forested areas. To make the search easier, look for ash, aspen, elm and oak trees around which morels often grow near. As the ground starts to warm up early in the spring, you will find them on south-facing slopes in fairly open areas. As the season progresses, you should go deeper into the woods and onto north-facing slopes.


Great Hunting Tactics for This Delicious Mushroom

Similar to bass fishing, you cover ground until you find one, then slow down and search the area carefully. Concentrate the rest of your quest in corresponding areas, working with the pattern you have found for the day.

You should also look for morels around dead trees. These types of mushrooms often grow around dead and dying trees. Look around old apple orchards and dead elm trees, as they make for great hunting grounds. When a tree reaches the stage of decay where its bark is slipping off its trunk, you will often find plenty of morels around it.

Hunting later on in the season can also aid in your hunting experience. It is easier to find bigger, yellow morels. They taste just as good as the smaller ones, they're easier to spot and it doesn't take as many to make a delightful recipe.


Next time you’re on a hike or out in the wilderness during the spring, try to challenge yourself on a hunt for these edible nourishments. However, they might be camouflaged, but for the most part they are quite easy to spot. But remember, no matter how hungry you and your fellow hunters are during the search, never eat morels raw!


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