So, What are Chrysanthemum Buds?

Background Information

Next to the rose, chrysanthemums are some of the most popular flowers in the world. They bloom in a variety of shapes, sizes and a wide range of colours – yellow, white, purple and red. While blooming in various forms, they can be daisy-like, decorative, pompons or buttons. Each Chrysanthemum flower head is a cluster of many flowers. They are tropical flowers that were originally grown in the Eurasian region. Here’s a fun fact; the Chrysanthemum was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks in 400 AD. Japanese emperors loved the Chrysanthemum flower so much that they sat on Chrysanthemum thrones. Even today, several Japanese cities hold spectacular annual chrysanthemum exhibitions.

Nutritional Value

Chrysanthemums acts as a nerve relaxant, for generations, these flowers have been used in tea to induce calmness. It’s also known to help lower blood pressure, cool the body, and reduce inflammation. The powerful antioxidants and minerals present in this flower help your body better regulate itself and eliminate unnecessary stress hormones in the blood. Additionally, it can help improve heart health (blood pressure, cholesterol, artery diseases), skin care, prevents osteoporosis and can boost your overall immune system.

How to Use Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemum flowers are often used in Chinese cuisines, in both savoury and sweet dishes, to add a delicate, floral taste. They can be used in soups, teas, desserts and entrees. It is important to keep in mind that the flowers sold at your local garden center or florists are not meant for consumption, as they are often sprayed with chemicals. Check out this simple chrysanthemum tea recipe you could make at home:


50g dried chrysanthemum flowers

1.5 litre water

50g rock sugar (adjust to taste)

How to Make:

- In a pot, bring water to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, add chrysanthemum.

- Simmer for a minute or two (do not simmer for too long).

- Add rock sugar to taste and turn off the stove when the sugar has dissolved. Serve the drink at room temperature or chilled.

- Take out the chrysanthemum flowers and sieve the liquid through a strainer.

- Enjoy! Drink chilled or at room temperature.


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