Morel and Pine mushroom Soup

Morel and pine mushrooms are precious fungi, they have unique aroma and flavor. When slowly simmer morel and pine mushrooms in soup, the mushrooms will spread out gently, and release the favorable nucleotides which has been produced during the mushroom drying process. The flavor of the soup is called “umami”, which is given by various amino acids. The morel and pine mushroom soup is good for digestion, it can also help moist and nourish your whole body.


Morel Mushroom: 6 pieces

Pine mushroom slices: 10 pieces

Chicken breast or Lean meat: 250g

Goji Berry: 10g

Cordyceps flower: a little bit

Salt: as desired


1: Soak the morel and pine mushroom with warm water for about half an hour until soften.

2: Add Cordyceps flower, morel mushroom and pine mushroom into a pot, then add 2,000ml of water and 2 drops of oil into the pot. Bring the water to a boil with high heat, then turn to low heat and keep simmer for one hour.

3: Add meat to the pot and simmer for another 90-120 minutes.

4: Turn off the heat, add a little bit salt as desired. Then serve on table, enjoy with friends or family.


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