Guide to Growing Your Own Morels

Ever wonder if you could grow your own morel mushrooms? The answer to that question is yes, there are ways in doing so. As great as these mushrooms are, sometimes the price steers you away from purchasing them. There are various ways in growing this fungi, but we’ll demonstrate one of the easier ways to ensure results in the coming years. The following will guide you through the grow kit and spawn method.

Grow Kit and Spawn Method

One of the most popular ways of growing morels is with purchased spawn. Mushroom spawn is simply the vegetative growth of the mushroom. Spawn can come in the form of grain; rye berries, sawdust, woodchips, etc. So, buy your first morel mushroom kit – which could be purchased online – and then get started. It’ll most likely come with a set of instructions similar to these:

Prepare Your Morel Bed:

- Morel mushroom kits don’t do well in tropical environments. So, make sure the site is made between the summer and fall climate where there is an actual change of seasons.
- Choose a shady spot.
- Prepare a sandy soil mix with enough drainage, not too much clay or rock.
- Adding ashes from burned wood to your soil will also help, because ashes add nutrients and mimic a post-forest fire habitat – where morels are known to spring up.

    Plant Your Spawn:

    - Mix your morel spawn into the prepared bed according to the instructions.
    - Mix some hardwood chips on top of the spawn bed, preferably elm or ash, since morels usually grow near those types of trees.


      - The waiting is the worst part. It may take a few years before it produces any actual mushrooms. Growing morels is not a hobby for you if you’re impatient.


        Yes, it does take a few years, but don’t get discouraged if nothing happens the following spring. Remember to always keep the area moist and nutritious according to your kit’s instructions. You may someday have morels in your backyard, happy planting!


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