Delicious and Healthy – Health Advantages of Morel Mushrooms

These organisms are arguably considered the most prized mushrooms on the planet. There’s a reason why morels fetch a high price in the market. Both tasty and nutritious, let’s take a look at some of the unique characteristics contained in this fungi.


Rich in Vitamin D

These mushrooms are usually exposed to sunlight which is a great source of vitamin D. You get about 100 units of vitamin D in each cup of morels you eat. Vitamin D is beneficial for proper immune function as well as absorbing calcium to form strong bones. This can also help lower the risk of getting osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure.

High in Iron and Phosphorus

Eat a cup of morels, and you will have consumed 8 milligrams of iron – highly recommended for adults. Getting the proper amount of iron in your diet will help prevent anemia, as iron is essential in forming red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout your body. Phosphorus also plays a role in delivering oxygen, and helps form strong bones and DNA.

Superior Antioxidant

Morel mushrooms provide a significant amount of antioxidants. Consuming these types of superfoods may prevent some health problems, including; heart disease, cancer and damaged cells. This fungus keeps other substances called ‘free radicals’ from potential damage of cells.

Cures Digestive Problems

Deficiency of zinc is usually associated with diarrheal diseases as well as digestive issues. A sufficient consumption of morels, which is rich in zinc, will help cure diarrhea and prophylaxis. It also enhances the immune system, which is important because proper immunity function helps counteract diseases.


Overall, morel mushrooms are exceptional wild foods to add to your diet. Though, they can be expensive to purchase, their health advantages outweigh the cost. Doesn’t hurt to try, and don’t forget the fact that they taste divine!


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