All About Morel Mushrooms

These mushrooms may look similar to a bee’s nest, but are far from it. Morel mushrooms are America’s tastiest and most favoured mushrooms. They can vary in size, but overall, they all contain a devouring mouth-watering taste. America is famous for its jumbo morels.

Morels are an easily identified fungus. Their colour ranges from grey to dark brown depending on the species and how old they are. What differentiates morels from other mushrooms is its superior flavour and woodsy aroma. Fresh morels are available in the springtime, you could go on a hunt yourself in a forested area and gather some for a tasty dinner with family. Though, it may take some long hiking, along with battling some mosquitos.

The downside is that they are on the pricier end of the spectrum, its sole marketability relies on wild harvesting. They are expensive for a number of reasons, one being that they are not easily replicated in an artificial environment. Every morel that you eat has been picked by hand in its natural environment.  

Here’s a fun fact, morels are not actually considered mushrooms if you relate it to the true mushroom taxonomy. Truffles share the same trait with morels, both organisms are from an entirely different class – Ascomycetes.

Morels are exceptionally appetizing, but you may ask, are there other benefiting factors when consuming these mushrooms? As a matter of fact, there is. Morel mushrooms are high in both fiber and iron and contain a substantial amount of manganese – which helps weak bones, joint pain, anemia and weight loss. This mushroom contains essential nutrients required for a healthy life. They also contain more protein than most vegetables and are rich in vitamins.

If you do find your own morels to eat, just make sure you’re not eating them raw. Additionally, if you’re storing them, keep them fresh, they are good for about a week if refrigerated. The more wet and hot they are, the quicker they will deteriorate. So, make sure you keep them dry, the end result of your dish will certainly make you and your guests satisfied.


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