A wonderful substitute for coffee!

A cup of coffee is a wake-up alarm for many people in the morning, and over 50% coffee drinkers consume more than one cup of coffee every day. Although coffee can help human body wake up, too much caffeine intake will cause nervousness, headaches, and even other ulcers and stomach problems. If people consume too much caffeine for a long time, it may cause health problems such as insomnia, mental weakness, and caffeine addiction. Looking for a healthy coffee substitute has been an “urgent need” for many people. Energy drinks can boost energy, however, most of the energy drinks contain a lot of sugar and additives. Many people are big fans of hot chocolate, but it cannot make people feel refreshing, hot chocolate also contains a lot of syrup and hydrogenated oil, which may lead to obesity or other health issues. The taste and color of Chaga tea are like coffee, but Chaga tea tastes more layered. Chaga tea can be flavored with honey, maple syrup, milk, cream or other seasonings to make it into a healthy and tasty drink. That’s why recent years, Chaga tea has become a popular drink among consumers from different ages.

Studies have shown that Chaga contains a variety of structural polysaccharides in its chitinous walls, which can provide energy for the body, promote blood sugar balance, and improve mood. Chaga tea is different from coffee, coffee boost energy through caffeine to excite nerves, but this effect is temporary and may have side effects. Chaga tea stimulates body’s vitality by providing energy to the body, which has no side effects, but also improves physical endurance. In addition, Chaga contains over 215 nutrients, including dietary fiber, antioxidants, lignin, minerals, vitamins, beta-glucan and betulinic acid. While replenishing fatigue, Chaga can also provide a variety of nutrients to human body.

Chaga tea is a kind of low-calorie, high-energy, high-nutrition energy drink, which should be a wonderful substitute for coffee. Getting started to make your own Chaga tea from today!


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