A Little Taste of Rose Buds

Background Information

For thousands of years, roses have been valued for its beauty and its perfume. The rose bud is simply the bud of a rose. Since the rose is the definition of beauty and love, this is a flower that people desire and it’s one of the most popular flowers that people purchase to gift to someone. Rosebuds can be grown anywhere as long as you know where to grow them. Since rose oil deteriorates rapidly with exposure to sun and wind, the content is highest on the first morning when the flower opens. Rose petals picked for distillation are picked manually, day by day, at or just before sunrise.

Nutritional Value

Rose flowers, especially buds, contain a high concentration of vitamin C which surpasses the levels in fresh fruits like orange, tomato, and grapefruit. This makes rosebuds great for maintaining healthy and radiant skin, and to fight off colds and flu in a more natural way. Best way to reap these benefits is by consuming rose buds in a form of herbal tea. Health benefits of rose bud tea also includes its ability to clear toxic waste from the bladder and kidneys which reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. If you suffer from blockages caused by kidney stones rose bud tea can help as well.

How to Use Rose Buds

Rose buds has its many uses. Dried rose buds and petals can be added to soups and salads and also make for some exceptional decorations for cakes or pastries. When infused in oil or alcohol, rose buds are transformed into creams, lotions, colognes and perfumes. Here’s a great DIY rose water recipe you could use for facial enhancement. Rose water is beneficial for tightening pores, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, balancing the acid mantle (skin’s PH), slowing the aging process, freshens the complexion and calms the senses. You could spray it in the morning, before bed or whenever you feel your skin needs a little refreshment.

DIY Refreshing Rose Water Face Mist

What you will need:

2 cups of rose buds (more or less depending on how much water)


Empty Spray bottle

Mesh strainer

Sauce pan

Sterilized jar

How to make:

- Put the rose buds into a sauce pan. You can fill it up all the way to the top with rose buds if you’d like.

- Fill the sauce pan with water (preferably distilled) until the buds are just covered. Place a lid on the pan and heat on low until most of the colour has faded from the buds.

- It will take about twenty minutes and whatever you do, keep the water from coming to a simmer. Too much heat can destroy the flower’s beneficial properties and colour.

- After the rose buds have paled considerably, strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer and compost the remaining rose buds.

- Pour the rose water toner into a sterilized jar, allow it to cool, and then keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to use it. Keep in the jar for about a week.

- Then pour it into a spray bottle and fill it up whenever you run out. Afterwards your skin feels squeaky clean and if the rose water is fragrant enough, you can smell roses coming off your skin!


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